Jack Sprat Tarts

Plain milk chocolate was the candy of choice through my childhood, with the occasional novelty candy, like Pop Rocks or candy cigarettes, satisfying the other side of my sweet tooth. Later on, however, emerging through the ruination of simple tastes by means of the vicissitudes of young adulthood, came the dark and mysterious, thrilling, forbidden flavors of Nerds.

So also the delight of Jack Sprat Press and their first release (which you can download for free for a while). As thrilled as I was to see my own little tale realized in the inaugural issue, I was even more enchanted by the accompanying illustrations, the surrounding graphic comics, and the winding flash fiction stories. Some real talent occupies the Jack Sprat Press suite, no doubt soon-to-be ensconced high atop some modern tower in midtown megalopolis.

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Aside from my own piece, and without diminishing the artistic talent of the other contributors, the highlight of this inaugural edition is Jonathan Scott’s comic art piece “The Burning Bride.” Scott turns the four-panel discipline into freedom, telling a remarkable story without a single stroke of text, except for the title. The story invites you to read it multiple times, and each time is a pleasure.

The whole thing is a pleasure; it’s like opening up that little box of Nerds just before Mr. Ansell’s 8th Grade English Class started, right after the afternoon recess: it’s going to be nothing but flavorful.

Best of luck to all the peeps involved in this endeavor, especially to editor-in-chief Emily White, whose baby this is.

Jack Sprat Tarts

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