Television Melodrama Pitch

Sometimes great ideas are completely without context. You can have this one:

TV Melodrama, 10 pm, Wednesday, ABC (I think).

A high-powered lawyer, on his way home from his posh Manhattan offices, driving his Mercedes E-class too fast after a few too many drinks, strikes a young boy playing ball in the street, paralyzing him for life. Utterly distraught, he seeks to redeem himself by using his lawyer powers to wander the country, interceding where he can…

Each episode features our redemption-seeking hero wrestling the keys away from someone he knows is about to make a terrible mistake, handing the would-be perpetrator a pre-paid phone, and the catch phrase, “I’ve already paid to get you home.” On the phone is the Uber app, already active.

Now that the lawyer is one step closer to redemption, we hear the tagline of this television melodrama: “Ron Darby is…The Breathalyzer.”

Television Melodrama Pitch

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